What is Shalom?

Shalom Residences Inc. is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that provides residential services in houses and apartments for adults with an itellectual disability.

What are our Goals?

To Assist Residents

  • to live a full and active life as party of the mainstream community
  • to become as self-sufficient as possible
  • to hae rewarding personal relationships

What We Believe

We beliee in an inclusive community that welcomes, supports and recognizes that contributions of people with disabilities. Living, learning and working in the community helps to build self-esteem.

What We Offer

  • A home life that is positive, comfortable, rewarding and inviting
  • Loyal didicated, well-trained staff who encourage independence through the teaching and practice of life skills
Shalom residents have opportunites and support to:
  • be employed in many different job settings
  • be involved in community organizations and leisure groups
  • socialize with and entertain friends and family
  • celebrate special events
  • travel on vacations
  • enjoy concerts and theatre
  • develop strong bonds with those around them

What Makes Us Unique

We provide a spiritual setting that fosters a Jewish identity. While dietary laws are observed and the Sabbath & Jewish Holidays are celebrated, admission is open to all.
We also foster a friendship community. Interaction between all of the people who live and work within Shalom is encouraged.

"Our family gave our sister her soul - Shalom Residences gave her a life"
-Harriet Cipilinski